From my early plays when I was still a student, via my first attempts at short film-making, to my latest feature-length drama.

In That Dear Land

/ (2024)


A (mostly) true story set in the darkest days of the Northern Irish Troubles. A rogue British officer is murdered behind enemy lines.

Vincent and Lorraine

/ (2024)


1982, and a debauched night out ends in heartbreak for Vincent and Lorraine. They try to reconnect 20 years later, but it takes another 20 years for them to rediscover, in their 60s, what might have been all along.

The Sabnock

/ / (2023)


A family of exorcists and healers live off grid in a remote farmhouse, practising folk magic to visitors from near and far. But are the younger generation as committed to the old ways as they seem?

Use Me Up

/ (2023)


A vulnerable woman is drawn into the orbit of a charming but much younger man. She thinks she can cope with his lover who lives in his spare room, but what about the body he’s hiding in his basement?

Passing Through


Writer and director

My debut feature as writer and director. Shot in the South of France in late summer 2019, with Mark Little leading an ensemble cast and an international crew including Emmy-winning cinematographer Alex Peterson.

Beautifully shot ... the performances are faultless and the beautifully nuanced direction from David Walter Hall, who also wrote the screenplay, is really impressive.

-Brenda Blethyn

New Journey



One of the first short films I directed when I was still learning the ropes. Produced by The Film Bunch.

One Off



A fun short I made with Peter Revel-Walsh, based on his script.




I worked with Ashley Walters’ fledgling outfit to produce treatments for a biographical drama series, and was part of the wrting pool.

North of the Sunset



The story of the friendship between Thelonious Monk and Nica de Koenigswarter. Imogen Stubbs played Nica in the most recent production.

Horses in the Rain



A two hander about female friendship with live improvised piano.




A multimedia show about Thelonious Monk based on a series of poems by Stefano Benni. For the show’s 2009 incarnation, I was asked to add extended monologues and narration for the character of Pannonica, and to act as a dramaturg, shaping the text for the show.

Now is the Hour

/ (2008–2013)


A survival drama based on accounts of victims and survivors of the sinking of the troopship Laconia by a German U-Boat in the mid-Atlantic in 1942. Left adrift, one lifeboat spent 28 excruciating days at sea.

Catherine Cusack led a cast of 12 in the original production.

slick, traditional theatre at its best


-Fringe Review

A truly classic play that deserves to be seen more than once.


-British Theatre Guide

scarcely possible to hold back a tear

-The Independent

The Last Priest



The Last Priest explores the life of Jean Meslier (1664–1729), a French Catholic priest and the author of a bitter atheistic polemic, published posthumously. He was a little-known hero of the Enlightenment, and an instigator of the socialist ideals of the French Revolution.

portrayed with sympathy and compassion

-The Guardian

Violent Acts



A collaboration with writer James Topham and a group of Cambridge University actors. The play follows the intertwining lives of eight people on the day of a young man’s university graduation.

an incredibly satisfying play






Meslier was a short, one act version of what became The Last Priest, written to be taken to the Edinburgh fringe in 2006.

entirely compelling


-Edinburgh Evening News

Voodoo Blues

/ (2006)

book and lyrics by David Walter Hall, music by Russ Blaber

Weaving the heady mythology of blues through the intangible excesses of rock and roll, Voodoo Blues brings us the myth of Faust through the strung out world of a wasted rock genius. Featuring original music by Russ Blaber of Helium Soul mingling with some blues-rock classics, this has been a long time in development.


The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady


Writer and director

My second play, produced while I was a student and later at Edinburgh. A three hander with some dark themes about delusion, coercive relationships and a misplaced hero complex.


a must-see gem of a production

-The Cambridge Student

Cross Road Blues


Writer and director

My first play and still the one I’m most proud of, Cross Road Blues recreates one of the most compelling myths in American music: Robert Johnson’s alleged pact with the devil, hatched out at a crossroads one dark Mississippi midnight.

creates an atmosphere of creeping, uncanny terror that grips from the start and never relinquishes ... mesmerising


-The Scotsman

brilliant and stylish

-Edinburgh Guide