In That Dear Land

/ (2024)


A (mostly) true story set in the darkest days of the Northern Irish Troubles. A rogue British officer is murdered behind enemy lines.

Use Me Up

/ (2023)


A vulnerable woman is drawn into the orbit of a charming but much younger man. She thinks she can cope with his lover who lives in his spare room, but what about the body he’s hiding in his basement?

Vincent and Lorraine

/ (2024)


1982, and a debauched night out ends in heartbreak for Vincent and Lorraine. They try to reconnect 20 years later, but it takes another 20 years for them to rediscover, in their 60s, what might have been all along.

Passing Through


Writer and director

My debut feature as writer and director. Shot in the South of France in late summer 2019, with Mark Little leading an ensemble cast and an international crew including Emmy-winning cinematographer Alex Peterson.

Beautifully shot ... the performances are faultless and the beautifully nuanced direction from David Walter Hall, who also wrote the screenplay, is really impressive.

-Brenda Blethyn