Brenda Blethyn award for Passing Through

Back in the summer of 2023, my film Passing Through won the Brenda Blethyn First Feature Award at the Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival. Brenda is a twice Oscar-nominated acting legend, and has worked with some of my heroes, not least Mike Leigh, whom I consider a huge influence, so it was heartwarming if nothing else to hear her very kind words as she gave out the awards remotely. I got a copy of the video here:

“Passing Through by David Walter Hall is beautifully shot. The setting is the South of France: carefree, happy, sunny but with the unexpected arrival of an estranged son, we’re suddenly plunged into the mysteries and conflicts of the past. Why did he turn up out of the blue and with a girlfriend with as many secrets of her own? I cared about each character with varying degrees of sympathy. I even forgave the annoying visitor from Australia. The performances, led by Mark Little, are faultless and the beautifully nuanced direction from David Walter Hall, who also wrote the screenplay, is really impressive. There’s a great soundtrack too from Jonny Phillips.”