Passing Through to premiere at the Belfast Film Festival

I don’t post news updates around here much these days. I remember, about three years ago, I was about to post one. The title was going to be, “We Did It!” and I started writing it, but could barely think it out through a stupor of exhaustion. The “it” in question was the intense three-week filming period of my debut feature film Passing Through. The “we” was, a compact, and at that point equally exhausted team of two producers, a crew, me the director and an awesome cast. It wasn’t that I thought the next steps would be quick or easy. I just thought, the hard part was over.

The hard part had kind of just begun I discovered. Making a film is hard. Finishing a film is harder. It takes money, and where there isn’t money, it takes hard graft. It’s really ideal if there are no pandemics. It’s ideal if the world doesn’t shut down as it did.

Time to cut a long story short. We persevered. We busted guts left right and centre, and today I’m pleased to annnounce we’re in the programme for the 22nd Belfast Film Festival.

Take a look at the trailer right here:

The film screens on Wednesday 9th November at 8pm, at the Strand Arts Centre, Belfast. Buy your tickets here.