Showreels for actors in London

Hi, and apologies for what may be a somewhat keyword-heavy blog post. Needs must I’m afraid. I’m really excited to be launching a new side hustle making actors’ showreels. It’s called Showreels from Scratch, with a view to doing what it says on the tin: showreels made from scratch, as opposed to just edited from existing material, a way for emerging actors to get a foot in the door before they have real screen credits.

I had the great privilege of shooting my first feature film as a writer-director just before Covid happened. At the time of writing, we’re still putting the finishing touches on post-production. It’s been a journey, and along the way I have learned more about filmmaking than I would have done on a degree, grown as a person and found my calling. I’m working hard on the next project(s) while playing midwife to the first one.

And while that’s happening, shooting actors’ showreels is a way to keep my film brain busy until the next big feature, to keep learning and exploring the possibilities of filmmaking and getting the best from actors. And of course it’s a business. The priorities of a showreel aren’t the same as a short film. If you have to make a choice, you want the actor to look good above all else. The plot or scenario is irrelevant to the viewer, it is only there to give the actor something substantial to chew on, some real sense of drama or conflict, and an arc in those two or three minutes to move between a few different emotional registers. It doesn’t have to be a great film to be a great showreel, but I kind of feel like it helps.

So I’ll be writing and directing, working with some great people, and enjoying this new adventure. If you’d like to have a showreel made, please do drop me an email via

Scene ideas

The site includes a fun and potentially useful showreel scene ideas generator. This started life as a spreadsheet for my own purposes, listing prompts for character types, relationships, situations people might find themselves in and very generic obstactles which with a bit of imagination might apply to any of the situations. So it randomly spits out the idea of a divorced couple assembling furniture together, maybe in a gesture of reconciliation as one of them settles into their new and unfamiliar home, while one of them annoyingly finds the other’s foibles a bit too amusing and the relationship starts playing itself out all over again. You have to use your imagination sometimes…


Here are some samples of showreels I’ve shot so far, including a few old ones from a couple of years ago.