Oddults (a Blessing)

I wrote this song lyric for a friend of mine, set to a lovely melody called Oddults I came across by the Scottish pianist Bill Wells. It features on a couple of his albums, in different arrangements, but it goes a little something like this:

My words go like this, and are inspired by the idea of a traditional Irish blessing. They’re a bit sentimental.

May your heart be your home,
Filled with quilts and candles.
May your joy endure my jealousy
And may Love,
That old friend,
Ramble home in the end,
Caked in smiles whistling through the trees.

Like the stars, like the seas,
May your dreams be boundless.
May they bloom in twilight galaxies
Around us.
As the light
Wanders in,
May each morning begin
Webbed in gold, charged with fantasy.

The distressed and denied,
Let them find salvation
In the songs that ease them from their
And may you
Find in me
Only means to be free.
May you laugh like you’re almost there.