Just passing through…?

Why not take a look at the trailer for Passing Through, my debut feature film?

This project has dominated my life for the past five years, redefined how I see myself and shifted my creative ambitions. Read more about it here.

About Me

I’m a playwright, screenwriter and director, originally from Belfast, now based in London. I was in my mid thirties and pondering my next move as a playwright, when on a whim I decided to experiment with a switch from theatre to film. The result of that experiment was Passing Through, my award-winning debut feature, which began its run in festivals in 2023. It’s given me the impetus to continue to explore the possibilities of the artform: a lesson, as a man once said, in how we become what we are.

What I do


From my early plays when I was still a student, via my first attempts at short film-making, to my latest feature-length drama.


I’ve taught filmmaking with children and young people at primary and secondary level, and provide one-to-one screenwriting coaching for adults.


Looking for a co-writer, script editor, dramaturg or director for your play, short film, feature film, pilot, series or music video? Say hello.

Charities and Brands

Charities and ethical brands looking for creative video content can hit me up to discuss how we can work together to help spread the word.


I have a little sideline filming actors’ showreels. Head over to Showreels from Scratch to find out more.