More about me

This is not a photo of me.I began writing plays while at university in 2003, more or less just from the desire to create something. Initially at least, I had no expectation to make any kind of a career from it. But I’ve had some lucky breaks. My first Edinburgh fringe experience in 2005 brought unexpected success. I found myself being approached by producers keen on professional productions. Meslier, The Last Priest, Now Is The Hour and Voodoo Blues were all written as commissions. My work on Misterioso and directing the latest production of Cross Road Blues has given me the chance to work with some amazing musicians. And though I still don’t make all my living from writing alone, I’ve been doing it well enough for long enough now to take this thing I do very seriously.

“But why?” you may yet be asking. Well, I think I write to try to understand emotions and relationships, to understand people and loneliness, how we (must) find ways to give meaning to life and to understand myself in all of it. I hope if I’m lucky I can help other people to do the same along the way, while I try to keep them happy and entertained. Music is very often for me a “way in”, and it is no coincidence that most (though not quite all) of my plays are named after songs or pieces of music.

And the biog…

I was born in 1983 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I went to school at Methody, an old Victorian grammar school on the almost entirely trouble-free Malone Road and went on to read philosophy at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, graduating in 2005.

I currently live in fashionable Dalston, in the fashionable east end of London. Send me an email if you’d like to know anything more.

Various bits of press about me can be read in the Articles section.