Now Is The Hour music

I noticed this up on SoundCloud today. I think our producer is just using it to send the music over from Farnham, Surrey to Norwich, where the play is taking shape I expect. (I’m out of the loop, but never mind.) Still, if you’re interested, here is all the incidental music to the play Now Is The Hour, soon to be arriving at the Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich from 19th – 28th September.

The original tracks are by Spesh Maloney, with a few in there by George Lewis and Charlie Haden’s Quartet West.

  • Maddermarket Theatre

    If this is how the sound files are being sent to us then our theatre tech is also out of the loop šŸ™‚ This is the first I’ve seen/heard of it.
    Readthrough for NITH is Monday 12th August, so there’s not much to report until we’re a bit further on with the prep…talking of which I’d better get back to researching šŸ™‚
    Dawn/Doris (theatre administrator)

  • Ah yes, I gather Peter C just put these up for his and everyone else’s amusement. Glad it’s all going smoothly!