Comparison of UK crowdfunding sites

I was helping out a friend today by researching some of the UK-friendly crowdfunding sites, with a view to getting funding for a non-fiction book, hence these details are tailored towards that end. Having done the legwork, I thought I’d share the results here in case anyone else is in the same position. All data represents the state of the sites as they appeared today. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

I hope this is useful and relevant to somebody else. I’ve basically cut and pasted this from what I sent to my friend today:

Choosing a crowdfunding site

Kickstarter requires the project funder to have a US bank account, so it actually would rule you out. There are a number of UK-friendly alternatives, including:

  • PleaseFund.Us

Analysis of publishing projects on these sites

Specifically comparing publishing projects on the above sites (all Davids to Kickstarter’s Goliath). These generally include magazines as well as books in their publishing category. I am also including Kickstarter itself by way of comparison.

site no. of live projects highest current total FB fans commission[1]






























I’m comparing the highest total currently raised, whether that project is likely to be successful or not, as it is a clearer indicator of spending than either the success rate (which is hard to establish in most cases, and dependent on the targets) or the targets themselves (which might be unrealistic in some cases).

Facebook fan numbers are there as a broad comparison of the sites’ popularity.

The number of live projects is self-explanatory, though it’s worth noting that the categories used differ on the different services. Some bundle book writing alongside theatre, others bundle it with journalism, or keep it separate.

Commission is generally taken off your total when you receive the funds.

Recommendations: Pozible vs.

Having ruled out Kickstarter, there are two clear winners in the analysis: Pozible and

Of the two, Pozible is probably the better, with the sole and possibly fatal disadvantage that it’s based in Australia and all funds are in $AU. There are plenty of foreign (and even foreign-language) projects there, but they’re a minority. is equally impressive as a site, as well as featuring the highest-funded project of all those sampled: an activity cookbook for children. It’s just a bit smaller in reach.

[1] does not include PayPal fees (an extra 3% or so)

[2] includes theatre projects

[3] converted from $AU

[4] not current; this finished almost a year ago

[5] non-fiction books alone. Total books many times greater. Total “publishing”, greater still.

[6] converted from $US

  • Alan Crabbe

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  • Thanks for that Alan.