The Sinking of the Laconia

A couple of years ago now, Lynne Walker wrote in the Independent about my play Now Is The Hour:

The incident is soon to be dramatised by Alan Bleasdale for BBC television, but it’s unlikely to have half as much heart as this poignant production.

That day has finally come, and this Thursday the BBC is going to be showing the first part of Bleasdale’s drama about the sinking.

I’ll be watching, hoping that the reviewer’s prophesy comes true, and no doubt envying the budget, with which they’re presumably going to recreate the sinking of a liner as well as the surfacing of a U-Boat, while we were once quite content with “a fractured lifeboat on a shiny floor against a marine backcloth.”

  • ted johnson

    my dad was on the ship sss laconia in 1942 when it got tourpedo he was butcher he lives in wallasey merseyside he is partly blind he is 88 years old and he is still a alive so if you whant two get in touch with him number is 200 9707 thank you this one of his son barry ps he has a good memory